Saturday, June 5, 2021

The Spiritual Path of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a process that can ease you out of pain and anger. 

As you take on the spiritual journey of forgiveness, you will experience your divine nature awakening, and emerging inside of you. Your spiritual essence will manifest, and your heart will love, more closely, to God’s love. 

A heart that yearns to love like God loves, will be open to connect to the channel that creates and transmits knowledge, light, and comfort from the realms of the spirit. Through this connection, you can activate spiritual growth and transformation, and break down inner blockages, such as pain, resentment, anger, and blame that often delay the process of forgiveness. 

Forgiveness is a process that emerges from love. It cannot be forced and should not be cloaked in meaningless and insincere apologies. 

It requires deep introspection. 

Forgiveness is most authentic when you acknowledge the emotions that are triggered from the circumstances needing forgiving and permit yourself to connect with them. 

Acknowledging the emotions is not permission to dwell in them. It is readily allowing them to emerge and valuing the feelings that arise with them. Depending on your level of internal self-awareness, and the depth of those feelings, this stage could last a while. 

As with other phases of spiritual transformation, you may experience a feeling of emptiness, as the “once-held” emotions, begin to drain from inside you.   

When this phase passes, you will feel anew. Unburdened. relieved. You will find your spirit elevated to a level of consciousness that allows you to reassess the past through broader lens. You may get a deeper understanding of the situation. One that may even extend beyond you, and the emotions you embodied. 

You will feel your heart lightened in the process, as it experiences the transformation. 

The opening for forgiveness will become clear, unforced, and revealed in the likeness of God’s divine love.

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