Friday, May 7, 2021

Celebrating Mother's Day


Mother’s Day is approaching. It is a day to honor and express gratitude to mothers for all they sacrifice for their children. Their education, hobbies, interests, and professions are just some of the things mothers will delay or give up to raise their children. 

By nature, a mother is like that. 

A mother works round the clock. She cares for her children at every moment. She awakes to care for them at the break of dawn and is keenly aware of every sound they make in the midnight hours. 

She will protect her children against all dangers and give them all the comfort she can. She says nothing about a paycheck because she delights in the smiles, happiness, and safety of her children. 

Those things are rewarding enough. 

To a mother, her children are dearest to her, regardless of their age or stage in life. They are an extension of who she is, near or far. 

She knows one day, the nest will become empty of her children, as they begin moving out to have a life of their own- leaving empty rooms and memories. 

However, she does not complain. She only wants the best for them- wherever their journey takes them. 

Then a time comes when she, too, must move on- leaving empty hearts and memories. 

If that time has come for you, celebrate her still, this Mother’s Day. 

Because, for her, every day was Children's Day.

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